Following are some of the products we are presently manufacturing for our OEMs.

  • Gears : Spur, Helical, Clustered, Shaped, Clustered.
  • Shafts : Splined Lay shafts, Out put shafts, Serrated hydraulic shafts with precision offset Cam, and Induction case hardened, Welded lift gear shafts, etc.
  • Couplings : Broached splined sleeves, Geared sleeves.
  • Forged precision parts from small forgings of brake assemblies.
  • Precision machining of Casted parts like Rear Axle Housings of Tractors, Ram Arm for hydraulic operation of tractors.

The range is ever growing with the addition of parts from our satisfied clients, and new customers. The growth of capability, capacity and technology is keeping pace with this growth.

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